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I’m probably the only one left in the Bones fandom who doesn’t think that Bones ‘turned into the John Francis Daley show’ lol 

It’s not like Sweets is my favourite ever, but I love John as an actor and I don’t think they’re giving screen time just to him. I mean, season 7 was BB centric (as it needed to be, of course) and people complained because it was all about them. Ths year they’re giving some storylines to the other characters too and people still complain because everything it’s not about BB. I mean, what? It can’t always be about BB. They’re in s8 and I do believe they need to develop some storylines for the other members of the cast. I don’t know how this is a big deal..I think that one of the most amazing things about Bones are the characters. So idk?

All this complaining about the episode 3..Guys it was an extra episode. Extra means that we weren’t even supposed to get it. Sweets is not a perfect character, he has flaws, but, please, show me a Bones character who doesn’t.

They all have been a little bit of ‘assholes’ during the past season. Everyone of them, except maybe for Hodgins. 

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